Sympathy and Condolences for the People of Hatay

It’s a shocking thing when extremists of whatever persuasion use bombs and other terror tactics to force us to accept their point of view.

Aftermath of the explosions in Hatay

I believe that the current government of Turkey has been working hard to address the country’s problems – from economic hyper-inflation to human rights issues and nationalist separatism. Sad to say, there are those, within Turkey and outside its borders who wish to destabilise the country.

Is the ongoing civil war in Syria the fault of Turkey’s government? Turkey is a beacon of democratic republican progress lighting a possible path to freedom and self-determination for other Muslim and Turkic states.

It’s a tragedy that innocent people in Hatay and elsewhere have to suffer such anguish and horrors to advance the agenda of a lunatic minority who wish to gain or retain power.


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