Raqs Sharqi – Doğunun Dansı – Oriental Dance: Photograph Exhibition


Asmalımescit Mah. Sofyalı Sok. No: 12/3

Photograph Exhibition

Tünel, Beyoğlu

John Wreford is a British freelance photojournalist who lived in Damascus from 2003 until the summer of 2013.

With a sense of curiosity and adventure he has explored the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey in search of images and stories; his work has been featured in publications around the world such as the New York Times, Geo Magazine and the Financial Times.

Concern for injustice and the dignity of those suffering the consequences of war have resulted in his working with humanitarian agencies such as the United Nations World Food Program and the High Commissioner for Refugees.

In 2011, with the onset of the Syrian revolution, John made a conscious decision to stay in Damascus. Although denied permission to work, he was able to observe at close hand the decline of peaceful protests into a brutal war. During this time he was placed under investigation by the Syrian security forces and refused permission to leave the country until the investigation was completed.

John W photoSoon afterwards he departed for Istanbul, arriving just as protests were beginning in Gezi Park in the summer of 2013.

In this current exhibition, John explores the artistic expression known somewhat disparagingly in the West as belly-dance. His black and white images follow one dancer through several sessions, and strikingly capture the movements and emotions of this often misunderstood dance form.

Visit John’s website at http://www.johnwreford.com/


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