Warmonger Sen. John McCain, the expected next chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee

This blogger expresses the point more strongly than I have – but clearly he has done his homework. Now President Obama is sending US soldiers back to Iraq. What is the actual proven threat to Homeland USA?

Ronmamita's Blog

I recall the last time the Repugnicans were in full control of both Congressional chambers, they mastered coercion and brutality tactics to force their policies and agendas, we can expect more of that in even greater degrees for escalating war.
The expectation is that the 2016 elections will grant the White House to the one party as well.
That is the likely scenario, but all of the above is written merely as reminder to point out that more war escalation is expected by iconic, rabid, war mongers such as republican Senator John McCain from Arizona.
A simple false flag operation, would be the only requirement to gin up the war machine to crush all opposition… ~Ron

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) says he is “leaning towards” running for reelection and is well aware he’ll likely face a tough primary challenge from the right.

MiddleEast terror

Who were all the…

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