New Zealand is home to 3 million people and 60 million sheep?

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Turkey.  I just wanted to share this official information from the NZ Government’s statistics web site about my unfairly disparaged home country:

“It’s widely believed that New Zealand has 20 sheep for every person – information that adds weight to myriad sheep jokes. How accurate is this these days?

Son durak. Kimse kalmasın ;-)

Son durak. Kimse kalmasın 😉

“To begin with, we must find out how many people live in New Zealand. The population passed the 4 million mark in 2003. Our population clock put the event at precisely 5.30 pm on Thursday, 24 April. “By 31 December 2011, the estimated resident population had reached 4.42 million people.

“Next, we must find out how many sheep we have. According to Statistics New Zealand’s agricultural production statistics, we had an estimated 31.1 million sheep at 30 June 2011.

“This means that the sheep-to-person ratio has fallen to a third of its level 25 years ago. It now stands at a little over seven sheep per person.” Read the rest of the article.


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