Military Coup in Egypt? The truth emerges

Does anyone remember the Watergate Tapes? Recordings of White House conversations back in 1971 which contributed to the resignation of US President Richard Nixon? Technology is a two-edged sword, and it seems former Secretary of State and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been doing her best to ensure that no one will have access to her potentially damaging email correspondence.

Populist revolution or military set-up?

Populist revolution or military set-up?

Apparently the Egyptian military junta that overthrew democratically elected president Mohammed Morsi back in 2013 was not so careful. Reports are starting to emerge of audio recordings casting serious doubt on claims at the time that the generals acted in response to popular opposition to Morsi’s government.

Secret Tapes of the 2013 Egypt Coup Pose a Problem for Obama

“What [the Egyptian generals didn’t realise] is that their words were secretly recorded, and eventually tapes of these alleged conversations would be released to the outside world. 

“The list of plotters included Deputy Defense Minister Mamdouh Shaheen and Gen. Abbas Kamel, the chief of staff to Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the top military commander regarded as the mastermind behind the coup, who is now president of Egypt.

Whose democracy?

Whose democracy?

“The authenticity of the secret tapes has been verified forensically at the request of Morsi’s lawyers by J. P. French Associates, a British company that specializes in voice analysis, the Guardian newspaper has reported. The Egyptian government denies the finding, denouncing the tapes as “fabrications.”

“If genuine, the tapes raise embarrassing questions for U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry in particular.  Besides rigging the legal case against Morsi, the tapes describe the Egyptian military’s role in fomenting the street protests that el-Sisi used to justify Morsi’s removal—a revelation that undercuts the military’s assertion that it took power as part of a popular “revolution,” not a coup.” Read the whole article

If genuine, these tapes will also confirm what Turkey’s president Tayyip Erdoğan has been saying all along. Compare this article published in The Guardian back in July 2013:

"Hold still while our CIA friends put a knife in your back"

“Hold still while our CIA friends put a knife in your back”

The Egyptian Coup is a Warning to Turkey – but will Erdoğan listen?

“The AKP . . .  downplayed the scale of popular opposition to Morsi, and presented the coup as a plot hatched by the Egyptian generals.

“Such conspiracy theories are the legacy of years of oppression of Turkish and Egyptian Islamists by the military-backed secular establishments.

“The uncomfortable truth the AKP does not want to accept is that the massive protests that preceded the coup represented a broad-based rejection of Morsi’s policies.

“The demonisation of opposition as the work of mysterious foreign forces, by both the AK party and the Muslim Brotherhood is therefore not just a misdiagnosis of the problem, it is the problem.” Read the whole article

These revelations could well benefit Turkey’s AK Party government in the weeks leading up to the parliamentary elections on June 7.


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