Noah’s New Age Lions

Can you spot this unexpected thing on Noah's Ark?

Can you spot this unexpected thing on Noah’s Ark?

I learned two items of trivia today that gave me a smile. The first one turned up as I was browsing Yahoo UK’s news of the day. It referred to a picture someone had found in a children’s book of Bible stories. Can You Spot Something Unexpected In This Noah’s Ark Children’s Bible Picture?’ challenged the headline. My first thought was, there’s only one rhinoceros. But then I spotted it. As the writer pointed out, ‘There were two elephants, two giraffes, two gazelles, etc. But according to this picture – there were also two gay lions.’ See them there?

So then I thought, aha! That may account for that line in the Bible about the lion lying down with the lamb. But then I checked it out just to be sure, and Isaiah (Isaiah 11:6) doesn’t actually say it will be a lion. In fact he pairs up a wolf with the lamb, and the lion gets a calf and another species-unspecified ‘fatling’. But not for eating, you understand. As one commentator claimed, carnivorous animals will become herbivorous during the Millennium just as they were before the fall of creation.’

So, not only are the lions gay, they will also be vegetarian. Very New Age!

But I want you to know, I’m smiling here, not mocking. I fully appreciate what the prophet Isaiah wanted to say. If religion has any real value for humanity, it must be to bring understanding and peace to a world blighted with conflict. So I guess that’s how you can spot the truly religious in any faith. The war-mongers don’t make the cut, whatever they try to tell you. And maybe learning to smile about it will remind us not to take the outward trappings of institutionalised religion too seriously.


3 thoughts on “Noah’s New Age Lions

  1. 🙂
    I am smiling too, even though the phenomena of messages, specifically subliminals, and the fundamental elements of all language manipulates (I have a theory: language limits conscious awareness and higher sentient functions) world view {mental construct of reality}…

    Obviously, I am not going to detail a 375 page or 80K word thesis here connecting wholeness, living energy, Experiential learning, and communication via empathy (ESP).
    However, I wish to share the thought that your “trivia today” actually connected my thought with something very important in a fundamental way to the current crisis the People on Earth face today.
    Allow me to encode it in a short-short-story loosely based on a story by someone else:

    “I am Archon, the Master Spell-caster.
    I am not attached to the process of belief, as that is merely a condition resulting from my activities as natural cause and effect that is loosely perceived as fate, or order and chaos.
    Between the symbols of illustrations and the cracks between letters in the words that give your reality meaning, I enter to subvert its mechanisms and install the operating program that becomes the mental construct.

    My operations are quite subtle, simple and yet powerful.
    Very effectively seeking out host species which is in the narrative bound state of sentience.
    Then enter multidimensionally into their limited perception of time, and systematically dismantle their spiritual connections to deform their existential matrices.
    The consequence is their offsprings have very limited awareness and abilities with future communities clustering in greater numbers, indeed, huddling in fear on nation state farms for convenient harvesting.
    Their future is guided by my program, an invisible hand.”

      • Indeed.
        Some years ago, obscure information diverged from the trail of research I was focused on at the time that hinted at different methods of communication – distinct and nuanced grunts, gestures, facial expressions, – experiences were conveyed empathically.
        Mothers possibly experience a form of that kind of sensitive communication with their new born child…
        PhD. Rupert Sheldrake conducted some research on that possibility.
        Some Science Fantasy novels include advance civilizations using ESP abilities with engineering skills as a form of sentient technology. Where, for example a transport vehicle has awareness or pseudo life.

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