Başınız Sağolsun – Sympathy and condolences for your loss

_84381769_84379585Turkey continues to pay a huge price for ongoing chaos in the Middle East. 30 dead and 104 injured by suicide bomb attack in the south east town of Suruç.

“An explosion has killed at least 32 in a municipal culture center in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa’s Suruç district, as scores of people have been hospitalized.

“Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu confirmed ISIL was the prime suspect, adding that 43 people, 9 of them with serious injuries, were hospitalized after the attack.

kobani-nerede (2)(1)“The Health Ministry has dispatched 33 land ambulances, each with three paramedic staff on board and a helicopter ambulance. 

“Kadir Ergün, an eyewitness, told CNNTürk that he was 100 meters away from the explosion. “It is hard to describe it with words. Blood donations are urgently needed. The people of Suruç are now called to donate blood,” he added.

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2 thoughts on “Başınız Sağolsun – Sympathy and condolences for your loss

  1. Thanks a lot Allan. It is so unfortunate to see those people on the ground, dead, wounded and in chaos. Nobody, no matter whatever they have done, deserves a vile attack like this. I hope this will be the last one but as far as I guess it wont be so unfortunately. 32 people died and nobody but their families will have to live with the pain of their beloved ones in their hearts forever. May Allah have mercy on their souls.

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