‘The War I Experienced’ – A Palestinian teenager’s vivid memory

My university classes are quite cosmopolitan these days. The Ottoman Empire was characterized by ethnic and religious diversity, but its successor, the modern Republic of Turkey became, at least ostensibly, more homogeneous. In recent years, however, migrants, students and refugees from Middle Eastern neighbours and some African countries have been altering the ethnic mix. My classes include young people from Libya, Jordan, Malta, Syria and Iran.

One young man, Yaser, a recent arrival from Palestine, wrote this short piece when asked to share a vivid memory. I want to share it with you:

palestine-rubble_1‘It was about two years ago. I was living in Gaza when the war came. I was 15 years old and the war started with twenty killings by the Israeli ‘terrorist’ army. I was very angry about that and afraid at the same time – not for myself but for my family and the people I love.  

‘The war lasted three months. One day I was watching a movie with my family to forget the war a little bit. While we were watching the movie outside in the garden, Israeli planes bombed the house of a family near ours. They fired rockets. I remember the sound of it, it was so loud! I couldn’t hear anything else at that time. I ran to help my mom and my little brothers go into the house. There were rocks flying and people crying for their children. There was a lot of dust and flames reaching up to the sky; smoke and the smell of burning people. It was really a terrifying day.  

‘We lived our lives like we would die tomorrow. One day we will free Palestine. I feel so angry about the things that happened in my country. They killed peaceful people, children and old people – and the Israelis say we are the terrorists! Can someone be a terrorist in his own country?  

‘When the war ended after three months there were 2,500 killed by Israel’s army, and more than 10,000 injured.’



4 thoughts on “‘The War I Experienced’ – A Palestinian teenager’s vivid memory

  1. Kids growing up in war zones can be traumatized for life.
    This 21st century is so far removed from my 20th century dreams for a technological advanced prosperous future.

    We must end the WARS.
    Sadly, the challenge is that many officials, executives, and institutions must be removed as well.
    For it is a matrix of certain officials, executives, and institutions that make the policies to further their agendas and protect their fraudulent international monetary system.
    The former head of Israel’s central bank is now the 2nd in command of the U.S. Federal Reserve System (some say Mr. Stanley Fischer is actually directing Janet Yellen in her duties). The monetary system of central banks connects to all things, from funding wars to funding political parties.

    It is a multi-headed monster governing the world down a destructive path…

  2. Specific Central Bankers are on my criminal watch list and Fischer (he was the 1st Dir. of the IMF) is one. When Fischer decided to leave BOI we suspected his return to the Fed was in order; and sure enough as predicted he followed the script. Despite our requests to not consider Fischer for Janet Yellen’s vacant seat (actually we called for both a Appointee rejection and a criminal investigation into Fischer) Obama appointed Fischer despite the outcries and controversy…

    The cartel is predictable and post 2001 “9-11”, and post 2008 “Great Recession” (post LIBOR, FX, and many more scandals to come) they are now blatantly criminal as well. Which is why Many of us are forecasting a brutal transition coming as the worldwide debt crisis continues to devalue national currencies and increase poverty. Recessions, depressions, and wars – a curious observation about the international monetary system, I think “collapse” is not accurate as it implies a dire finality, rather I think this monetary system can limp on indefinitely with reforms and restructurings (ask the G-20) as long as the citizens feed the beast. For if the People decide to boycott it, then that beast would die from starvation.
    Each day more people are waking up with increased awareness and sharing that they do indeed see the mass worldwide deception.
    Citizens have been betrayed, Trust is lost, Institutional Crime is rampant, and World War escalates.
    Contrasting choices:
    Future generations “born into debt”, or abolish the “debt as money” international system of servitude.

    I wish for the young man, Yaser, to be aware of this broader worldwide war and he is not alone in wishing for a prosperous world no longer at war, where kids can joyfully play.
    çocuklar Bless
    (Bless the children)

    • Allah çocuklarımızı korusun – May God protect our children. I’m impressed by your Turkish, Ron! And by your tireless efforts to change the world. God bless you too 😉

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