France’s Highest Court Upholds Law Criminalizing Holocaust Denial

Well, I didn’t see it reported elsewhere – and a quick Google search didn’t turn up many other results, so I’m grateful to the Turkish Coalition of America for drawing it to my attention.

Given that France is one of the countries most supportive of Armenian genocide claims, it is surely significant that their courts are making a clear distinction between the proven extermination programme implemented by Nazi Germany during the Second World War, and the actions of the Imperial Ottoman government around the turn of the 20th century.

It’s also interesting to see the lengths to which Armenian groups will go to achieve their purpose:

“The French Constitutional Council, France’s Highest Court, has upheld the Gayssot Act, a law criminalizing Holocaust denial, rejecting claims that Holocaust denial should be protected free speech. Allying themselves with a known Holocaust denier, French Armenian groups had joined a challenge to the law, maintaining that since the French Court had previously ruled that questioning the Armenian allegation of genocide was a proper exercise of free speech, so should be questioning the Holocaust. In the alternative, the Armenian groups argued that the Holocaust and the alleged Armenian genocide were historical equivalents and, therefore, that denial of both ought to be criminalized.

“The French Constitutional Council disagreed with the Armenian groups on both counts. The Court emphasized that since the international law had established the Holocaust as a genocide, its denial can be punished. This is in stark contrast to the Armenian allegation, which has never been upheld by a court. The Court enunciated a sensible rule: that an event cannot be considered a genocide unless it is established as such by a court of law and that parliaments or governments cannot declare an event a genocide. This is in keeping with the United Nations Genocide Convention, which renders all accusations of genocide subject to a thorough trial of the evidence before a neutral judicial body.”


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