NATO launches naval patrols to return migrants to Turkey


Germany’s ‘Einsatzgruppenversorger’ on a humanitarian mission


The Guardian, the UK’s proudly ‘left wing’ news outlet reports that Europe’s United States-led military alliance NATO has sent three warships, ‘backed by planes’ to ‘intercept migrants trying to reach Greece by sea and send them back to Turkey.’

After an apparently unanimous and unusually speedy decision, the patrol will be led by the flagship of the German navy, and will include a Canadian frigate, I assume to show that Europe has broad international backing for its action.

At the same time, NATO’s Norwegian secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, was quoted as saying, ‘This is not about stopping or pushing back refugee boats.’ I wonder what it is about then. The words of the NATO boss, from his enlightened Scandinavian nation, seem somewhat at odds with the reality of warships rushing to the Aegean Sea backed by air support.

Synod On The Themes Of Family Is Held At Vatican

Cardinal Marx speaking up for Christian values

Well, I guess we are pretty used to the hypocrisy of Western governments. Not so long ago, Angela Merkel was ready to commit Germany to doing its bit for the refugees. Now, however, as her local approval level has taken a battering, sending in the navy to stop the flow seems to have become her preferred option. No doubt she will be comforted to know she has the support of the Catholic Church, whose leading German cardinal, Reinhard Marx, recently called for a reduction in the number of refugees his country accepted.

A Path to ISIS, Through a Porous Turkish Border

Not so long ago, its Western allies were criticising Turkey’s government over its ‘porous border’ with Syria, and accusing it of failing to stem the flow of foreign fighters using Turkey as a route to enter Syria and join ISIS/Daesh. These ‘jihadists’ were not Turkish, mind. In fact several thousand of them originated from Western countries – but Turkey was apparently to blame.

UN urges Turkey to open borders, end to bombing of Syria’s Aleppo

Refugee boat

Send them back to Turkey – that’ll solve the problem

Now it seems, the same border needs to be opened to allow another influx of refugees, this time fleeing from the Syrian city of Aleppo, as Bashar Assad’s military, with Russian support, continue aerial bombardment. The United Nations are urging Turkey, in the name of humanity, to take in thousands of Syrians queuing at the border, to add to the more than 2.5 million that have already entered since civil war broke out in Syria nearly five years ago.

By the way, you might also notice the ambiguity of that headline. If you didn’t already know who was doing the bombing of Aleppo, you would have to read well into the article to learn that it is a Russian air campaign, and nothing to do with Turkey.


10 thoughts on “NATO launches naval patrols to return migrants to Turkey

  1. This is all so Déjà Vu, as in WWI and WWII’ish with military campaigns as tools to solve government failures (such as international monetary policy failure)…

    “I now have the equation that when looking at a institution or politician and official from that institution you are looking at a deceiver or someone who is controlled by deception.
    How do you convince citizens to cheer for war?
    […] Bluntly stated, there are no “good” guys, as this is not a two choice decision.
    Look for the truth as the hidden option, because the truth is not presented as a campaign choice nor headlined.
    I saw, and I still see, the script calling for the escalation of World War.” ~Ron

    Those military activities require huge bank funds.
    Remember to Follow The Money.

      • Indeed!
        Which is why the elite globalists feel so strongly that war is their most powerful tool.
        Citizens are forced into the militarized arena or merely slaughtered if they choose to ignore the war machine.
        Awareness must be amplified, then their institutional deception will collapse as the illusion it truly is.

  2. I can’t imagine why Turkey ever agreed to this. There’s no way any country can accommodate this many refugees – short of building massive concentration camps – without major social unrest.

    • You’re right – but I don’t think they had much choice. They’ve got an 822 km border with Syria and another 1,800 km of land borders with a host of other difficult neighbours including Iran and Iraq. Those people are pretty determined to get out, and short of shooting them . . . It’s a humanitarian disaster, as the UN keeps telling us.

  3. I find the rapid speed of War strategy being deployed stunning.
    2 months ago (30 Dec 2015) I discussed the German news report that said: “Saudi Arabia and Turkey agree on close cooperation” and that report intentionally tried to insert the doubt about joint military cooperation between the NATO member Turkey and the Non-member Saudi Arabia. However, I discussed that it was obvious that was a military strategy preparing for future war…

    I note the recent reports:
    Turkey, Saudi Arabia Begin Joint Military Drills
    by , 15 Feb 2016

    Military Events are escalating rapidly.
    Over the years I have attempted to be blunt, so information about the tumultuous events looming could filter through “normalcy bias” where most people have the knee-jerk reaction – oh you so paranoid! That could never happen, and I have not heard that on the NEWS.

    As Best You Can, Be prepared, rather than shocked or surprised…

    • The way things are shaping up, Ron, it looks as though you may have been right. Certainly we seem to be heading for a major conflict in Syria. I can’t see Putin backing down, and he’s beefed up his air power with the latest Su35’s. How do you see the involvement of Saudi Arabia? It looks to me like a proxy for the US, since the Sauds have pretty near state-of-the-art American firepower; and I think they’ve been keeping the Syrian rebels supplied and in the fight for the last four years. For sure the Western European big guys don’t want to get directly involved in a fight with Russia – but I’m equally certain they’ll be happy to see Turkey and the Arabs do the dirty work, and provide support behind the scenes.

      It’s a bit worrying, of course, for us in Turkey – but I’m not sure what we ordinary folks can do to be prepared, other than not be surprised.

      • One of the reasons I reached out to you, in what feels like so long ago, was because I wanted a firsthand observer’s view on the deceptive activities in Turkey. Recall at the time I was hoping Turkey was leaving NATO.
        My guess is that your family has made the decision to remain in Turkey as the World War continues to escalate (I also have decided to remain in America as the captured state reveals its true fascist master and Nazi code of belief).
        Amplifying Awareness is the immediate step as we advance through this transition away from this Age of Deception.
        If, or when violence reaches our homes I say be prepared to defend it.
        However, if public support collapses for the institutions then that proverbial “Last Stand” may never be tested…

        Massive Boycotts and workers walkouts is my vision.
        The Psychotic Globalist Corporate Machine will be halted.
        An end to the wars will be because of the Will of the People.

      • I appreciate our correspondence, Ron; the comments you make and the links you send. For sure I don’t have plans to leave Turkey. For better or worse, this is where I live. And I have a lot of sympathy for the country and its people. They don’t have too many friends in the world. NATO has always used them without offering much in return. The European Union keeps them on a string with no real intention of ever admitting them to the Christian club – even if most European are atheists these days. Even Muslim countries don’t get too close – Turkish Islam is too different, and freedoms in Turkey pose a threat to their autocratic regimes. I hope you’re right about the power of the ordinary people.

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