There is No Savior Coming: Not a Religious/Spiritual or Political One!

I’m not endorsing everything this blogger has to say – but the post is well-written, coherent, and makes a valid point about the meaningless charade of another United States presidential election:

“We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us.” — Banksy

voteSo now we are at the end of another every four year cycle, another, what I call, every four year farce, and I am witnessing the same old side-show, the same old mind-control bullsxxt, I have been privy to since I was ten years old; which, by the way, was an election year: Kennedy v Nixon. Not much has changed since 1960, as far as the political process goes. What has changed, however, and incredibly so, is the quality of the candidates.

From my own experience, as well as watching others around me, it seems to me that Americans, in particular, are addicted to the notion of a savior, whether it be a religious/spiritual or political one. Americans have been so conditioned/programmed to believe they have no power within themselves to effect positive, permanent change, that they have completely sold themselves out to this nanny/police-state government: most Americans seem more than willing to relinquish their universal individual-rights, in order to have this monstrous, mommy and daddy system of government. Most Americans seem to be in an arrested state of development; they left home, found a job, got married and had children, but somewhere, buried deep in their subconscious, lies the firm belief that they are still living at home with mom and dad, where the big, bad world can’t ever hurt them, or make them grow the hell up. Only their subconscious mommies and daddies now come in the form of a Bush, Obama, Hillary, Donnie or Bernie, etc.

You can read the whole piece here: There is No Savior Coming: Not a Religious/Spiritual or Political One!