Christians slain in execution-style killing.

article-ohio-0422At least eight people were killed in “execution-style” shootings in southern Ohio on Friday, authorities said. As many as four young children were found alive at multiple scenes of the shooting, officials added.

“It was a mother, her former husband, their grown children and some grandchildren, too. They all used to attend our church,” said Phil Fulton, pastor of the nearby Union Hill Community Church.

In response to the killings, Washington has announced plans for a military invasion of Ohio. President Obama says, “No civilised country can tolerate this outrage. We will be doing whatever is necessary to bring the perpetrators to justice.” The President has not ruled out the possibility of targeted drone strikes on a trailer park in Pike County.


16 thoughts on “Christians slain in execution-style killing.

  1. I live in Central Ohio, and I have lived in Southern Ohio once, a long time ago.

    And I can tell you, if Obama is truly planning to carry this out, he will find the same kind of reception he would have found invading the northern states bordering Canada.

    As in these northern tier states, Obama nor the government are in good standing in Southern Ohio; where the economy has been completely wiped out over the last decade and a half, and where people have hated the government for a century or more.

    These folks love ‘Merica, but they hate the government.

    Probably just another false-flag event by the covert agencies anyway?

      • It’s my fault. I wondered if this was humor, but then went ahead

        I even checked on line, after commenting.

        But I would not doubt this government doing something like this!

        I have become so cynical, that when I heard about this shooting last night, the first thought that came to me, after being sickened, was, I wonder if this is another covert false-flag event?

        And I doubt I was the only one.

        Life in ‘Merica today!

  2. Liked, but I won’t comment beyond this statement: I may get reported to the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam by people with a Dutch passport, voluntarily working for the Turkish government 🙂
    Greetings from the silenced.

      • Should see the insults flying on the inter net, guess they gonna be busy long time. It’s unenforceable, while I don’t usually engage in using foul language describing a head of state, I will defend other’s rights to freedom of speech. Freedom is taken, not granted. Can’t have it both ways, we poke at our own leaders all the time. I’d also like to point out that from my perspective, the people that actually report on my fellow citizens, are foreign agents voluntarily working for a foreign government; also known as Spies. We’ll see what happens, if anything.

      • I’m on the fence on this one. In principle I’m all for freedom of speech – but in practice, it can sometimes go too far. I guess they could always stop insulting the poor guy 😉

  3. How easily attention is turned away from another atrocity in the USA to, ho hum, but look at what that Evil Erdogan is up to. Is that French comic, Dieudonne, still in jail for his insulting language?
    Slander, defamation cases are in court all the time, but heaven forbid that a foreign leader from an upstart country, and not even Christian, should complain. After all, you know he was responsible for the Armenian massacres.

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