Obama threatens to NUKE North Korea

US President Barack Obama delivered a stern warning to North Korea, reminding its “erratic” and “irresponsible” leader that America’s nuclear arsenal could “destroy” his country.

Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator, claimed to have tested a submarine-launched missile last weekend.

warmonger-copyIf the regime does perfect a submarine-launched system then it would, in theory, be able to launch a nuclear attack on the US mainland.

Obama gave warning of the possible consequences. “We could, obviously, destroy North Korea with our arsenals,” he told CBS News. “But aside from the humanitarian costs of that, they are right next door to our vital ally, [South] Korea.”

But the US were happy to provide Israel with nuclear bomb technology.

Wouldn’t that be a great legacy for Obama, America’s first black president, and former great hope of the intellectual left! “I nuked a country we don’t like. Harry Truman did it, and now ME!”

Come on the Democrats! Let’s see what Hillary can do to beat that! At least Trump is up-front about being a racist war-monger.


3 thoughts on “Obama threatens to NUKE North Korea

    • Yes. Hiding behind a mask of humanistic feminism. ‘In God We Trust’ huh? Seems like Americans are going to really need a big benevolent spirit in the sky in the next few years!

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