Bowing to Terrorists – More fear-mongering in the USA

U.S. Warns of Possible Terrorist Attack in Europe

Looks like the best thing for Americans to do these days is lock themselves up in their houses and do their shopping on the Internet. But then the question arises, can you trust the postman, the courier company or the delivery boy? Is it even safe to send your children to school?


“Following several terrorist attacks on the continent, the U.S. State Department issued a travel alert for Europe on Tuesday warning Americans of the possibility of a terrorist attack in the summer months.

The grim warning says targets could include restaurants, commercial centers, tourist sites, transportation and major events. It also singled out big events happening in Europe this summer: the European Soccer Championship, the Tour de France and Catholic Church’s World Youth Day in Poland.

“We are alerting U.S. citizens to the risk of potential terrorist attacks throughout Europe” the State Department wrote in the travel alert that expires on Aug. 31. “The large number of tourists visiting Europe in the summer months will present greater targets for terrorists planning attacks in public locations, especially at large events”

The alert asks U.S. citizens to “exercise vigilance” in public, avoid crowded locales, “be aware of immediate surroundings” and to be prepared for additional security screenings.


11 thoughts on “Bowing to Terrorists – More fear-mongering in the USA

  1. It’s a big scary world for the pampered American middle class, the only segment of the American citizenry that can afford to travel anywhere, and from among whom the technicians of empire are recruited and used to do all of the dirty dealings. Objectively, of course, they are at very little risk of anything awful happening to them, even in the midst of the chaos of the wars that they are so adept at creating. Psychologically, however, inhabited as they are by their culture of aggressive messianic conceits, they can’t but project on all of their victims the mindset that is their very own. They unconsciously imagine themselves in the place of the people they bomb and strafe, as well as in that of their sympathizers, and conceive only a world of murderous intent. On the other hand, it isn’t as if the globally accruing antipathy they elicit is actually well deserved, and they know this, too, only too well. The world might well be increasingly becoming dangerous for Americans.

      • No, they are not “inherently” evil. They are “controlled” and “indoctrinated,” and unconsciously so, which isn’t to say that anyone isn’t under the spell of tribal mystifications, not me, not you, not anyone. As Fanon and Nietzsche before him put it, “Man’s tragedy is that he was once a child,” and consequently first inherits the inhuman voices of his ancestors, before he ever discovers the open door of consciousness, of critical reflection, of possible emancipation from the cultural prisons of his childhood, that is, if he ever does. So no, not at all, they are not “bad” people. They are just people.

  2. I heard about this the other day, and it went in one ear and out the other. And yes, there is brain matter in between;-) Many of us, including me, have become so accustomed to this government boy who cries wolf, all of the time, that we ignore most of these “warnings” (manipulations).

    And besides, the vast majority of us can’t afford a vacation, period, not alone a vacation in Europe. So let those at the top of this hellish heap worry about “terrorist attacks”.

    • Yes, you’re absolutely right, of course. I wouldn’t have bothered passing on these items – except for all the hypocritical rubbish being circulated about Turkey. There’s a measure of justice involved in the real trouble-makers getting a little come-uppance.

      • I didn’t mean to come off sounding as if I thought you shouldn’t have posted this.

        I was just, in a poor manner, expressing my disgust with this country I was born in. I have grown to despise this government, and its associates in Europe and Israel.

        I truly feel like a man without a country!

        You wrote:

        “There’s a measure of justice involved in the real trouble-makers getting a little come-uppance.”


      • I know the feeling. I still love my country – even a of of the people. It’s such a shame that successive governments have been doing their best to destroy all the good in it.

    • Yes – and of course it sometimes suits a country’s leaders to stir up fear against an outside ‘enemy’ to distract voters’s attention away from chronic problems at home. I’m not saying that’s the case in the USA 😉

  3. As a feminist friend repeatedly points out, far more women are killed by domestic violence in industrialized society than are ever killed by terrorism. DV is a silent epidemic that the balding white males who control the world systematically refuse to address.

    • Good point! ‘Terrorist’-related death is pretty low on the scale of likely fates, even for Americans. As for me, I’m grateful I still have a full head of hair 😉

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