Anzac Cove, Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, 29 June, 2016

Anzac Cove

You can only try to imagine what it must have been like on 25 April, 1915 – then ask yourself: What madness makes people think the world’s problems will be solved by resorting to violence?


7 thoughts on “Anzac Cove, Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, 29 June, 2016

  1. Ordinary people have consistently opposed war and violence. During WWII 80% of GIs who fired their weapons deliberately aimed high to avoid killing anyone. It’s only the corporate elite who promote wars (and who trick populations into supporting them) for their own commercial interests.

    • Good questions, as always, Ron. In my opinion, all ‘sources’ (commentators) have their own angle based on where they are coming from or who they are writing for. Of course you know this. I base my opinions on reading as wide a range of sources as possible and filtering what I read through my own world view and observations. I believe the present government in Turkey aims to be non-aligned, ie putting their country’s interests first. I applaud that, and wish my own govt would do the same. In practice, however, that means the govt cannot always be 100% open in disclosing its aims and methods to the world media. I would say the latest angle in the anti-Turkey campaign in the US is to accuse Turkey of forming an alliance with Russia against the USA. Don’t fall for it. But thanks for asking the questions. You’ve prompted me to write fuller post on the subject. Watch this space.

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