Turkish contractors rank second in world for ninth straight year

In amongst all the bad news for Turkey, it’s encouraging to see some things are going well. Thanks to Mark for spotting the article and passing it on.

Turkey again took the second place after China in terms of the number of contracting companies building the largest volume of projects across the world outside their home countries for the ninth year in a row, according to the latest list of the world’s “top 250 contractors” by Engineering News Record (ENR) magazine, with 40 companies on the list.

n_103260_1Turkey came just after China, which topped the list with 65 companies. The United States followed Turkey with 39 companies on the list, which ranks the 250 largest world construction contractors, both publicly- and privately-held, based on general construction contracting export revenue generated from projects outside each firm’s respective home country.

Turkey’s Polimeks was the top Turkish company ranking 40th in the list, followed by Rönesans, which ranked 44th, and Enka, which ranked 79th. TAV, Ant Yapı Industry, Yapı Merkezi, NATA, Çalık, Tekfen and Yüksel followed the top three.

“It is a great honor for us to mark the ENR list, which is the leading reference point in our sector, with 40 companies, 35 of which are TMB members, and to rank in second place in the world after China for nine years in a row,” said TMB President Mithat Yenigün.

“Despite a number of negative developments in our largest markets and all uncertainties in the global conjuncture, our companies also achieved increasing their share of global revenue,” he added. Read the article


4 thoughts on “Turkish contractors rank second in world for ninth straight year

  1. Turkey is clearly On A Mission:

    Turkey sold off more than 50% of central bank reserves held in U.S. government bonds.
    This is clearly a political move for one always moves their assets in advance of an action.

    At the G20 summit in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, Russian Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukaev said on Sunday President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan had agreed to form a joint investment fund between their two countries. The two leaders met on the sidelines on Saturday.

    They are now in agreement to form a Russian-Turkish investment fund. Erdogan made the necessary legislative changes to create a corresponding partner for direct investment Turkish sovereign wealth fund.

    “I think by some time in October or November we will have a list of projects and allocate a credit line to begin work.” -Russian Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukaev


    • Well, that’s pretty interesting, huh! Thanks for the information – which I wasn’t aware of. I guess Russia and Turkey can derive a lot of benefits from more mutual trade. And I see in China, President Erdoğan is pressuring President Obama to hand over Fethullah Gülen.

      • A economic boost for the regions (Russia/Turkey/Eurasia if it links to the Silk Road Trade) if it is not scuttled like the past Turkey/Russia Pipeline agreement.
        I find it interesting this agreement was not headline Financial news in Turkey…

      • Well, I’d been reading about the “normalisation” of relations, and some of the generalities. The biggest headlines have been for the return of the Russian tourists!

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