CIA’s clandestine meeting in Istanbul on coup night

And the US ambassador in Ankara was “deeply hurt” at suggestions of US involvement. 

CIA’s clandestine meeting in Istanbul on coup night As more evidence surfaces daily, it will be evident that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was playing a huge role behind the July 15 c…

Source: CIA’s clandestine meeting in Istanbul on coup night


8 thoughts on “CIA’s clandestine meeting in Istanbul on coup night

  1. I read about this yesterday. There is little doubt in my mind that the US was behind the coup, since this is and has been its modus operandi.

  2. You’ve been in Turkey too long, and have fully integrated into the Turkish sport of conspiracy theory. Consider your source for this article, one obscure curmudgeon in Ohio, whose hobby is writing letters to the editor. Credibility problem, maybe?
    There are many Turkish academics that write in English, take a look at their Twitter feeds and articles. Some names: Selim Koru, War on the Rocks, Burak Kadercan, Soner Cagatay, for a start. And, as for Turkey not taken seriously, read Carl Bildt’s articles.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I took a look at one of Selim Koru’s articles – and I had difficulty understanding what he was trying to say. The first 455 words described a nightmare dictatorship emerging in Turkey – which the writer later admitted was just his own personal fantasy. If that’s typical of those writers you recommended, I’m sorry I don’t have time to waste reading them. I know what those people are saying. It’s nice that carl Bildt expressed support for Turkey’s government after the coup – but I’m not sure how seriously he is taken in the US or even in the EU.

      Re your other point, if living in Turkey disqualifies a person from writing about the country, do we have to depend for our information on people who write for the NY Times and the Washington Post, have never set foot in the country and don’t speak the language?

      I’m currently reading “The Untold History of the United States” by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick. I suggest you take a look at that, and books by Stephen Kinzer to learn about the US’s track record of interfering in the internal politics of sovereign nations. I merely passed on that article as additional evidence. It is by no means my only source.

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