The epic fail of the American electorate

Well, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Washington Post, but this Petula Dvorak seems to have some useful words for American citizens . . . if they have ears to hear.

Hey, America, do you like this election?



Vote for a corrupt donkey or an elephant in a china shop – and let’s see what you get

But this is what you created.

You, America, stopped listening to facts you didn’t agree with, stopped reading newspapers or watching broadcasts that didn’t entertain you or confirm what you already believed, stopped trying to understand legislation and policy, stopped bothering to engage in civil discussion or master the basics of civic responsibilities.

You, America, blame Washington for everything that’s wrong with this country, but then you tell pollsters that the federal government isn’t doing enough to help you.

You, America, actually believe that reality television is real. And that politics is a form of reality TV. And so, we have an election that’s more “American Idol” than U.S. Constitution.

Canvassers this week actually found voters who thought they could vote online.

What? There’s not an app for that?

You realize we’re probably just one election cycle away from a Kardashian in office. Because, what the heck? Let’s try something new!

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4 thoughts on “The epic fail of the American electorate

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