Meskhetian Turks commemorate 72 years of exile

Oh no! Not another one! 😦 Who’s responsible for this one?

Meskhetian Turks living in the United States commemorated their 72 years of exile from their then-Soviet homeland Georgia in front of the White House on Nov. 12.
Aydın Memedov, the head of the Ahiska Turkish American Council, an umbrella organization representing Meskhetian Turkish American organizations in the U.S., said the commemoration was a way to remember his ancestors who were exiled to nine different countries.


Protest in front of the White House

Memedov added that the group sent a letter to Congress explaining the circumstances their ancestors suffered, including people who were deported in railcars.

Meskhetian Turks, also known as Ahiska Turks, were expelled in 1944 from the Meskheti region in Georgia by the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, in an attempt to remove Turks from the shores of the Black Sea.
The group faced discrimination and human rights abuses before and after the deportation. Those who migrated to Ukraine in 1990 settled in shanty towns used by seasonal workers.

The majority of the Meskhetian Turks in Ukraine fled their homes during the 2014 conflict between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.



5 thoughts on “Meskhetian Turks commemorate 72 years of exile

  1. On a more positive note: Some politicians (Timmermans, Knack, Be) are now acknowledging that Gulen may have had something to do with the coup attempt. Truth in politics, is it possible? I’ll get you a link when I find one. Selamlar.

    • Truth in politics? Well, it’s there somewhere – you’ve just got to be able to find it. That link looks interesting – I wish my German was up to reading all the detail. I’m waiting for the revelation that Obama and the CIA had something to do with that coup attempt . . . but ‘m not holding my breath while I wait.

      • The language is Dutch and you’re right about not holding your breath. The Belgian publication, Knack, does not mention CIA involvement but it does mention that Frans Timmermans’s information comes from an American investigation into the matter and that D. Trump has said that Gulen will likely be extradited. Timmermans also acknowledged that the Turks got little empathy after the failed coup attempt and that we could have offered more support. He also regrets that President Erdogan’s insistence on reinstating the death penalty may further distance him from the EU.

        Thus far a short summary translation; the “continue reading” link does not allow me to read further without subscribing and I won’t do a direct translation without access to the complete article.

        Frans Timmermans is a Dutch politician and diplomat who currently serves as the First Vice-President of the European Commission.


      • Sorry – my Dutch is even less than my minimal German, but if I’d looked more closely I would have at least recognised that 😦 Let’s see how many of Trump’s promises he is allowed to carry out. Actually I’m not sure Erdoğan is insisting on the death penalty. He has repeatedly said the matter will be debated in parliament and the decision will be made there. Feeling is still pretty strong against the coup-perpetrators – but since time has elapsed, I suspect there will be no executions. Having said that I doubt if EU opinion will have much influence. There is no way they will ever accept Turkey into the club.

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