Warning for Tourists and Travellers

I keep getting warnings from my compatriots at the NZ Embassy in Ankara advising me to avoid traveling to Istanbul if it’s not absolutely necessary – Well actually I live here, what can I do?

So I want to thank the Canadian Government for putting things in perspective with their assessment of places around the world that might be risky for tourists:

“From the terror attacks in Nice, France to the ongoing spread of the Zika virus, the past year has been a dizzying one in terms of violence and disease outbreaks throughout the world. These factors, among others, increase the likelihood travelers will be required to stay up to date on travel safety advisories. Using 2016 data from the Canadian government and The Global Health Data Exchange, HealthGrove, a health visualization site by Graphiq, created an ascending list of the most dangerous countries to travel to.

unnamed“The Canadian Travel Advice and Advisories data comprises four major categories — “exercise normal security precautions,” “exercise a high degree of caution,” “avoid nonessential travel” and “avoid all travel.” HealthGrove’s list includes countries with at least an “exercise a high degree of caution” rating or higher and nations are ranked by worsening travel advisories. Ties were broken by using the Travel Mortality Index, which provides an aggregate score representing the likelihood of death caused by traveling to a given country. The higher the index, the higher the probability of traveler death. The causes of death in the Index vary from diseases like Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS to causes like “interpersonal violence,” “exposure to forces of nature,” “collective violence” and “legal intervention.” The variation in causes explains why you’ll see France, for example, with a score (116.2), which is separated from that of Honduras (120.4) by only a few points.”

Here are some extracts from their list, starting with the most dangerous:

  1. Qatar
  2. Jordan
  3. Kuwait
  4. Bahrain
  5. Maldives
  6. UAE (ie Dubai)
  7. Iran
  8. Israel
  9. Tunisia
  10. China
  11. Armenia
  12. Costa Rica
  13. Saudi Arabia

and, coming in at No.33 . . .  France – Interesting!

43. Belgium – Likewise!

94. Turkey – See? Not so bad, huh?

And they don’t mention earthquakes in New Zealand or police violence in the United States.


10 thoughts on “Warning for Tourists and Travellers

  1. President Recep Erdogan issued A Very Curious public call for people and institutions to back the struggling Lira currency against the U.S. dollar.
    Erdoğan’s call to citizens: Sell dollars for lira, gold

    Is Turkey heating up the currency wars?
    Perhaps harsher capital control measures will be implemented in months to come…

    • Well, it’s not so surprising really. Turkey’s president is calling on (not “demanding”) his wealthy citizens not to desert the Turkish Lira, since that will only tend to exacerbate the problem. I have to disagree with the Zero Hedge guy, Tyler Durden who says: “The answer is simple: the currency tends to drop when an economy is seen as weak, the political regime unstable, or – yes – a central bank cuts rates”. Turkey’s economy is not weak and its regime is not unstable. There is another reason for a currency to fall in the “money markets”: When the international/Wall St financial moguls decide to attack a country’s economy to bring their government in line with their desired strategy. Take Egypt after the Arab Spring, and Venezuela currently as two good examples.

      I’m not sure about the “currency war” but I do think that more and more countries are striving to free themselves from the hegemony of the Yankee dollar and the private banking system by using alternatives such as gold, or bilateral agreements. I understand Switzerland is about to hold a referendum on monetary reform, and Bolivia has enacted legislation to get rid of some large foreign banks. Certainly we live in interesting times.

  2. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some terrorist attacks in Turkey during the last two years. Probably some of them were not broadcast at the same level as Nice or Paris attacks. However, the attack at the airport of Istanbul shocked me. Certainly, some ISIS members pass through Turkey on their way back to Europe. Abaoud travelled 2-3 times from Syria-> Turkey to Greece

  3. However, this does not mean that is not safe to travel there after the coup. If you live there you probably know much more than us. Have a nice day

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