French MPs Can’t Rule on Genocide

I’m passing on this news item without comment. It was reported on the Turkish Coalition of America website:

French Constitutional Council Reaffirms that Crimes Against Humanity or Genocide must be Established by Competent Courts not Legislature

“On January 26, 2017, the Constitutional Council of France repealed a provision of the Law on Equality and Citizenship that aimed to criminalize speech that disputes genocides.

“The amendment, contained in article 173 of the Law of Equality and Citizenship, had been stealthily inserted into the reform package late last year through efforts by the Armenian French lobby. However, the Constitutional Council repealed the amendment on grounds that it violated France’s Law on the Freedom of Speech and Press and the French Constitution. The Council’s decision described the amendment as an unnecessary and disproportionate attack against freedom of speech.  The Council also reaffirmed its earlier decision that a crime against humanity or genocide must be established by a competent court, not by the legislature.

“Armenian French organizations have long lobbied to criminalize what they consider genocide denial in order to stifle debate and inhibit scholarship on the Ottoman-Armenian tragedy that does not agree with their one-sided perspective. Their efforts have repeatedly been pushed back by the French high court.”

Interestingly, I can’t find any reference to this decision of the French court in any mainstream Western media – even in French! It only seems to have been reported objectively in Turkish sources, eg The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and on Armenian blog sites, with their predictable slant on the business.


4 thoughts on “French MPs Can’t Rule on Genocide

  1. So does this repeal also include cases of ‘holocaust’ deniers? Willow those doubting this seventy year old narrative be protected as well?

    The western msm, as you know all too well, would never bother with this story, especially this week, when the talking heads have been far too busy dealing with the “White man stole the Superbowl” mind-screw!

    • As far as I know, the answer to your question is “No”. The decision re the WWII Jewish Holocaust was made by courts in France, not parliament (see my earlier posts on the subject). Armenian interests actually tried to have those decisions (about the NAZI Holocaust) overturned on the grounds that, if you were allowed to deny the Armenian event, you should equally be allowed to deny the Jewish one. Rightly or wrongly, the French Constitutional Council threw that one out too.

      Yes, I can’t say I understand American football, but clearly it, and the size of Beyoncé’s stomach, were briefly able to push Trumpomania off the headlines.

      • Thanks for the info. It figures.

        Yes sir, the Superbowl and its crass “entertainment” can work wonders, or is that wreak havoc?

      • Anaesthetise the population. That’s the main aim, I guess. Just as religion used to be the opium of the people. Now it’s football, baseball and basketball.

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