Turkey slams US over critical human rights report


Afghan civilians sit near the bodies of children reported to have been killed during a NATO airstrike in the Kunar province on April 7, 2013 (Photo: Reuters)

The US Department of State has released its report on the state of human rights practices around the world. The report is critical of Turkey’s recent record, and the Government of Turkey has responded strongly.

They have tactfully avoided asking how many civilians have died in Iraq and other Middle East countries (and elsewhere) as a result of US government aggression. They have also not pointed out the hypocrisy of criticising Turkey’s human rights record when they are currently trying to cope with more than three million refugees from the US-sponsored civil war in Syria – and wealthy Western countries are refusing to help.

This report in today’s English language Hürriyet Daily News:

“Turkey has lashed out at the United States for criticizing measures taken in the aftermath of the July 2016 coup attempt in its annual human rights report, describing these criticisms as “unacceptable allegations, misrepresentations and interpretations that do not reflect reality.”


Source: BBC

“The parts of the latest report regarding Turkey, released on March 3, 2017, comprise unacceptable allegations, misrepresentations and interpretations that do not reflect reality. In this period, when we are faced with unprecedented threats of terrorism against the survival of our nation and state, misrepresentation of our legitimate struggle against terrorist organizations, in particular FETÖ [the Fethullahist Terror Organization], the PKK [Kurdistan Workers’ Party], the DHKP-C [Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front] and DAESH [an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant], in a way that does not reflect realities, has caused deep disappointment,” read the statement issued by the Foreign Ministry in response to a 75-page U.S. Department of State report.

“Inconsistent access to due process,” “government interference with freedom of expression,” and “inadequate protection of civilians,” especially in the aftermath of the July 2016 coup attempt, were among the significant human rights problems observed in 2016.

“It is denotative that the report makes no reference to the role of FETÖ elements in the July 15 coup attempt, or the fact that the FETÖ leadership lives in the U.S. Also, the description of our fight against the PKK terrorist organization as an ‘internal conflict’ is totally unacceptable,” the ministry stated.

“It is clear that this report, which ignores information and opinions provided by our authorities within the understanding of constructive cooperation, fails to claim any basis in terms of objectivity,” it added.”

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21 thoughts on “Turkey slams US over critical human rights report

  1. When you live in a glass house don’t throw Drones.

    Caution, the first link is not httpS (secure) so be careful what you click on. I added this link because it makes for a good visual representation and doesn’t seem to have any effect on my Linux OS.


    I’d further like to point out that the declaration of Human rights was ratified into Law (1976) for all UN charter members. Due process should be accessible to all, but is more accessible to those who can afford a good Lawyer for a long, drawn out, court ca$e. They don’t teach that in High-school.

    I invite folks to draw their own conclusions. Greetings.

  2. I’m in a place where I just don’t know what to say or do anymore. I look at the picture of those children and wonder how the murderers justify their actions to themselves? If you are a part of these military operations, no matter your rank, if you are a normal human being, and most are, and know what you have done, how do you then live with yourself? It’s beyond my comprehension.

    I feel so at a loss, at knowing that there is very little I can do to stop any of it.

    We live in a world where collective insanity is truly the rule. It’s incredibly weird. It doesn’t seem like it’s possible, as though it could even be real. But it is. They destroy entire societies. They murder children. Knowingly. Deliberately.

    The stinking corpse of this civilization of which we are a part must surely be in the process of creating its grave diggers. For surely it’s stench demands it. I feel it. In the way that sometimes my own jaw clenches.

    • Thanks for your heartfelt response, Norman. I appreciate your sorrow and frustration. The important thing, I believe, is not to be distracted by their lies and deceit, their misinformation and black propaganda against others – and to keep spreading the message!

    • Norm, you want the honest answer? In any battle of any kind. The governments set a number of casualties that is acceptable. How they determine that number??? Good question? One is too much!

  3. I am going to say the same thing here. I said to sojourner. They really need to make an “I don’t like this, but I support the author for sharing” BUTTON. This is truly unfathomable. These are children!!!!!

  4. My quote: “The world is not separated by race, religion, or creed. There are only two kinds of people on this earth. Only two….Those who have lost a child, and those who have not.”! There is your separation of people. Now, if your child is murdered for no good reason! That changes the scope of intensity and outrage! The entire world should scream, and look at the HOLE ripped into the earth, where that child used to be!

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