What’s going on out there?


Another Queen Elizabeth; another woman Prime Minister; another war coming up?

Will another civil war break out in the (Dis)United States?


Will (Great) Britain declare war on Spain?


The upcoming referendum in Turkey pales into insignificance.


2 thoughts on “What’s going on out there?

  1. These days are interesting and dangerously challenging.
    There is so much going on:
    Most of it is hidden behind closed doors, there are several different institutional factions battling for control of the U.S. government, and a few different opinions among the aware civilians…

    Despite all the fake news disinformation, false flags, and attempts to justify military intervention in foreign wars and martial law in America, keep a close watch on the central banks.
    This international crisis environment is how monetary system resets look, as the past resets are examples.
    This was mentioned yesterday:

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