What to know about Press Freedom in Denmark


Kim Wall and Peter Madsen – It’s actually the non-Muslim murderers you have to watch out for. They’re not to easy to identify.

I’m sure you saw the news that the body of a 30 year-old woman journalist had been found in the sea near the Danish capital Copenhagen. Actually it took some time before police were able to identify the body because its head, arms and legs had been cut off. News items I have read don’t say whether the amputated body parts have been found. Apparently identification was carried out using DNA samples from her hairbrush and toothbrush.

Kim Wall was a real journalist, a freelancer who wrote for The New York Times, Vice and Time, among other publications.

She wasn’t murdered by a crazed Islamic fundamentalist. The most likely suspect seems to be a Danish engineer inventor, Peter Madsen.

A spokesperson for Reporters without Borders issued a statement noting that no journalists in Turkey have yet been slain, mutilated, dismembered and thrown into the Bosporus or any other sea to the best of their knowledge. She went on to say that as a result of this attack on press freedom, Denmark has been moved up to second place on their latest list of dangerous places for journalists, threatening to overtake Syria, where reporters tend to be dressed up in orange overalls before having their throats cut.

Well, actually I have to confess it’s not true. The last time I wrote something like that some people believed me. Denmark is ranked 4th on that Press Freedom Index,  and Turkey 155th, but I’m watching out with interest for an update.


4 thoughts on “What to know about Press Freedom in Denmark

  1. Statistics, rankings, surveys, polls, or.”studies” in general, are always massaged in publications from special interest groups, foundations or think tanks whose first goal is to promote their point of view at all costs. Facts come in at an often very distant second.

  2. One burning question is, why is so much of the “alternative left” so hostile to RTE? And why are they so easily credulous towards tabloid-like, Pamela Geller or National Enquirer-esque rumors and insinuations surrounding Erdogan- when they normally view most other topics skeptically? Turkey is still a republic (I’m sure you’ve heard of his “neo-Ottoman sultan” characterization), one of the most secular and relatively tolerant countries towards gays in the Muslim world- alcohol and even porn are legal; from what I pieced together, Erdogan may have begun as a free-market Bush Admin. client, but he has since reversed course. Fellow WordPress blogger Scott Creighton has described his presidency as rejecting IMF loans and cutting military spending to better fund the public education system. Despite the hatred for him from some supposed anti-Zionists, he has definitely sent some humanitarian aid to Palestine. So what gives?

    • Yes, it’s a good question. Well, first up, I understand the “alternative left” hate and reject that label. Second, in Turkey (and perhaps elsewhere) they tend to be privileged “intellectuals” with a “cringe” response to their own people and culture (e.g. Orhan Pamuk) who admire the US, having internalized its projected self-image of freedom, democracy and opportunity. Third, I’m told by one of them that the Kurdish issue is a big factor. That is also somewhat ironic in my opinion since freedom to identify openly as Kurdish, to speak the language and to discuss the issues have all been conferred by Erdogan and his AK Party people. So, who’s supplying all the black propaganda? That’s another burning question.

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