Collapse of the US Empire

Some of us have been predicting this for a while. Here’s a very convincing case:

May you live in interesting times, goes the Chinese proverb. Few can doubt that we are indeed living in such an interesting time. Big changes are afoot in the world, it seems. None more so than the collapsing of the American Empire.

via US Collapse – the Spectacle of Our Time — Covert Geopolitics


6 thoughts on “Collapse of the US Empire

  1. A thing of equal or greater majesty no collapsing as we gawk: the polar ice caps. Above freezing in the Arctic here in winter? I wonder which will get us first!

    • Move to higher ground, is my advice. And build a bomb shelter in your basement. Try to cover all the options 😉 But I’m not sure what we can do if we get hit by an asteroid.

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