South America’s ‘Made in the USA’ Growing Crisis–How Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela Are Destabilized

“Destroy the currency is always at the forefront of USA imperialist strategy to drive out populist, democratic governments and re-install pro-Business, pro-US investor governments.”

Well, we know that, of course – but this is a very good detailed analysis of what those b*****ds are doing to the world! And that’s a better use of the word “populist” – which is getting sadly devalued these days by being applied to leaders like the Big DT.

Jack Rasmus

Emerging market economies are heading for an economic implosion. From South America to South Asia conditions are deteriorating rapidly and heading for an even more severe economic crisis in which many are already mired. At the head of this list is Brazil and Argentina. Others increasingly fragile, however, include Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even India, which has covered up its weak economic condition, and massive non-performing bank loan problem, by manipulating its GDP to falsely exaggerate its growth rate.

Business pundits, and even some commentators on the ‘left’, argue that emerging market economies, of which all the above are key members, now account for more than half of the world’s GDP. This suggests their vulnerability to US and G7 economies is less than it has been in the past. The so-called advanced economies–i.e. the USA, Japan, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy (the ‘G7–are increasingly irrelevant. But global GDP numbers are…

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2 thoughts on “South America’s ‘Made in the USA’ Growing Crisis–How Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela Are Destabilized

  1. Hi Alan,
    How many lawyers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    How many can you afford?
    🙂 lol

    But seriously, the documented evidence and trends along with huge capital funding for disruptive technologies and socio-political policies reveal this international destabilization is a engineered crisis – that is also a prerequisite for resetting the IMS.

    Follow the money.

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