Turks destroy dollars, break iPhones in reaction to US sanctions

Several Turks have had their share of 15 minutes of fame this week when their videos showing their furious reaction to United States sanctions went viral, as they destroyed dollars and broke their iPhones.

Destroy iPhones and dollarsIn one of the most popular videos, a Turkish butcher was seen “mincing” dollar bills, while a businessman from the south-eastern Şanlıurfa province opted to burn them.

In another popular video, a man was seen breaking several iPhones for “reis,” which means “leader,” referring to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. As he also broke other phones for two cabinet ministers sanctioned by the U.S., six young men behind him were seen calling out, “God is great.”



6 thoughts on “Turks destroy dollars, break iPhones in reaction to US sanctions

  1. If the rest of the world is waiting on the west, and in particular, the U.S., to stop raping, pillaging and mass-murdering, then the rest of the world is doomed! Nothing will change here, until the east comes together and finally takes the drastic steps to put an end to this Anglo-Zionist empire!

    • I actually think they restarting to work on it – and that’s why the the Anglo-Zionist Empire hate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan so much! Good label, by the way – thanks for that! It sits nicely alongside the “faux-left” 🙂

    • Martina, you’re right, of course, that destroying a few dollar notes and smashing some old iPhones isn’t going to bring the US Empire to its knees. They are symbolic actions, but indicative,I believe, of a growing resistance worldwide to US bullying. And definitely some of us here in the blogosphere are trying to look at the deeper issues. Sometimes we need a lighter moment though 😉

      • What you hear depends a lot on who you talk with. There is a noisy minority who idolise America and look down on their own people – but RTE keeps winning elections, and his supporters are prepared to sell their dollars and face down tanks!

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