Coalition? Or Axis of Evil?

Saudi-led coalition admits ‘mistakes’ in deadly Yemen bus strike

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen admitted Saturday that “mistakes” had been made in an August air strike on Yemen that killed 51 people including 40 children.

YemenAn official said an investigation by the coalition had found “mistakes” were made in the strike on a crowded market in northern rebel-held Yemen, adding that those responsible must be “punished”.


2 thoughts on “Coalition? Or Axis of Evil?

  1. Holding Yemenis or Venezuelans hostage, economically and militarily, because their electorates don’t support satisfying the machinations in the centres of capital, is beyond barbaric. Maybe worse than psychopathic. The reported figure of 18 million Yemenis at threat of lethal starvation should be a crime worthy of Nuremberg. What are they doing to such a beautiful country (based on what I’ve read and the photos I have seen of it)?

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