This is a continuation of my previous blog, TurkeyFile@blogspot. Why am I switching hosts? Partly because the format there was starting to give me grief. Maybe they felt I’d been free-loading on them too long – five years is a long time in the digital world.

Through a glass darkly . . .

Through a glass darkly . . .

More importantly, the focus of my writing has changed and broadened. I am no longer writing purely about the Republic of Turkey, its history, culture and politics. These days my outlook is more global, though I am retaining my emphasis on Turkey, both as a major subject, and as a lens through which to view the rest of the world .

Why am I retaining the old title “Turkey File”? Partly out of habit, and for want of a better name. More importantly, however, because it was coming to live and work in Turkey that gifted me a new perspective on life, the universe and everything. Turkey still struggles to be understood beyond its own borders – I may even say natives themselves harbour some uncertainties. Shedding a little light on these matters remains my underlying purpose.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Merhaba!! John Guise sent me your books – really enjoying them. 4 -5 ay her yıl Turkiyede oturuyoruz * Türkçe ögreniyorum ama çok az anlıyorum * your blog and books are great at explaınıng so much about thıs gorgeous place

    • Merhaba Miranda – Ne şanslısınız! Türkiye’de yarıyıl, Yeni Zelanda’da da! And your Turkish looks good! We’re usually in Bodrum in the summer – look us up if you have the time.

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